Monday, May 16, 2016


A terrible consequence of the war in Syria has been the flood of refugees fleeing the fighting and streaming to countries around the world to find safety.  A dear friend of mine has asked how we solve this refugee problem.  While nations grapple with the problem of a sudden influx of refugees on their shores, a long term solution to this must include halting what is making the refugees flee, the ghastly brutality of the war in Syria.

This war will end when some country or countries put a standing army in the field in Syria and take out ISIS, aka ISIL, Daesh, the Islamic State.  The reason we need an army is that ISIS is an army that has moved with a good deal of skill and expertise in racking up its battlefield victories in Syria and Iraq over the last several years.  If you doubt ISIS' ability to wage effective warfare, check out military strategist Dr. Frederick Kagan's testimony before the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee 21 May 2015 that my co-author, Pattie Mosure, and I recounted in our book, "Foreign Correspondent."

It matters little whether this army is American, Arab, European, a mix of NATO countries, Chinese, Japanese, or is from Venus or Mars.  Or, whether we adopt Fox News journalist Bill O'Reilly's suggestion and put together a mercenary force of the world's professional soldiers for hire, of which there are many.  But put an army in the field supported by air power, find ISIS' army, and destroy it.  And kill all of its combatants, for the cruelty ISIS has amply demonstrated shows its followers are beyond redemption.

And let this be a warning to young idealists seeking to join ISIS and their parents.  If we catch you fighting for ISIS we will kill you.

In addition to destroying ISIS militarily we must destroy it politically.  That means cleaving from ISIS the support it enjoys in Syria and Iraq from their Sunni populations.  The Sunnis are the major sect of Islam accounting for 80-85% of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims. 

So, while we are destroying ISIS militarily we send a day contingent down to Damascus, the capital of Syria, and escort that murderous despot, Bashar al-Assad, and all of his family out of town.  We cannot leave any of his family members in Damascus for they will engender loyalty from their supporters to rise in opposition.  Or banish the al-Assad family from the country and hang Bashar al-Assad from the nearest lamppost. But get rid of him.

Assad is an Alawite, which is an offshoot of the Shia, the principal minority sect of Islam.  Prior to the massive emigration of Syrians fleeing their country the Alawites probably accounted for only 15% or so of Syria's population of somewhere around 23 million.  The Sunnis made up about 75% of the Syrian population.

Put a Sunni or a group of Sunnis in power in Syria.  If ISIS is defeated on the battlefield and also stripped of its support from the Sunnis that will destroy it politically, ISIS will become an ineffective force.  We will have to monitor it for years, but it will not be the major threat it is today.

Leave an international occupying army in Syria for the immediate future to convince the various factions fighting for power in addition to ISIS that they are not going to win.  This should also weigh on Russia that its further meddling will accomplish little, especially with its client, Bashar al-Assad out of the picture. 

And tell the millions of Syrian refugees camped out in foreign lands that it is safe for them to go home.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Recent news reports from Syria say a so-called fragile peace plan in Syria has broken down again. On my 8 May 16 blog I wrote about the devastation in Syria as reported in a NYTimes op-ed piece.  That was written by a Syrian doctor trying to save lives at a hospital in the Syrian town of Aleppo.  Again, the United States needs to exert its influence to stop this tragedy.  If we do not do it, who will?  To these people of Syria, Asalaamu alaykum.  Allah wiyaakum.  Peace be upon you. God be with you.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


From a news report 8 May 2016:
After months of largely avoiding questions about Donald Trump, Sen. John McCain broke his silence about the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's provocative rhetoric that targeted McCain last summer.
Trump ignited a firestorm last July for his criticism of McCain, asserting he was only a war hero "because he was captured."
"I like people that weren't captured," Trump said then.
In a CNN interview Sunday, the Arizona senator called on Trump to apologize to former prisoners of war.
"I think it's important for Donald Trump to express his appreciation for veterans," McCain said.
The Arizona Republican, a decorated Vietnam War veteran who spent years in captivity after being shot down during the war, emphasized that the apology should not be about him.
"What he said about me, John McCain, that's fine. I don't require any repair of that," McCain said. "But when he said, 'I don't like people who were captured,' then there's a body of American heroes, and I'd like to see him retract that statement. Not about me, but about the others."
Though McCain said he'd support Trump's presidential bid, he added that Trump's ad-hominem attacks during the campaign bothered him "a lot."
End of news report
My comments:
Although I support many of Mr. Trump's stated positions during this primary season, I fully agree with the above comments by Senator McCain.  Except for one.  Mr. Trump's apology should extend to Senator McCain as well.  Mr. Trump, Senator McCain is a hero.  Many of us say stupid things.  What you said about Senator McCain was stupid and incredibly unfeeling.  Please apologize to him and get on with your campaign.  I can support you, but not without the apology to POW veterans Senator McCain calls for and not without an apology to Senator McCain as well.  I am a Vietnam War veteran.

Harrowing account of slaughter in Syrian hospital from Russian or Syrian air strikes in NYTimes op-ed 4May16 by a Syrian doctor there.  Asalaamu alaykum.  

The United States needs to exert its influence and power to bring this senseless and disgusting warfare devastating innocent civilians to an end.

Friday, May 6, 2016


The Islamic State, aka ISIS or ISIL, is not going to be defeated until the U.S. and other countries fighting it put an army in Syria and Iraq to destroy it. A spokesman for the defense ministry of Saudi Arabia was quoted as saying his kingdom would be willing to participate in ground operations against ISIS. The United States should encourage the Saudis to make good on that pledge and urge other nations to follow suit.

Greatest threat in the War on Terror: Wahhabism, the so-called Islam promoted by Saudi Arabia. "So-called" because it is not true Islam.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


To start winning this War on Terror we must:
1. Confront and defeat ISIS.
2. Stabilize Afghanistan.
3. Refocus on Iraq.

Those of you who have read our book, "Foreign Correspondent," know that #CBSNews fired me in 1985 in response to my repeated demands for an investigation into its accusation that I was a CIA agent using journalism as a cover. Neither CBS News nor CBS Inc. would ever reveal its secret sources for its CIA allegation against me. In an additional fit of pique after firing me CBS refused to pay the expenses I submitted in my final expense reports.
In a recent letter to CBS News President David Rhodes I reminded him CBS News still owes me reimbursement for these legitimate expenses I incurred and reported some three decades ago.
The e-mail response from CBS was priceless, which I reproduce below:
Letter to CBS News
From Lowy, Susanna M
To leeandgrant
Dear Mr. Patten,
Your January 20 letter to David Rhodes has been referred to me. CBS policy states: “Employees will not be reimbursed for any items submitted greater than 90 days from incurrence of expense.” As the expenses referenced in the documents you sent to David Rhodes are from January, 1985 (approximately 30 years ago), they are clearly outside the time permitted for submission of expenses and for this reason CBS will not reimburse you for them.
Susanna Lowy
End of CBS e-mail
Resuming my comments:
Yes, I guess I was so busy these last three decades I just couldn’t find time to submit these expenses until now . . . . . . . Oh, really, CBS? CBS has had the expense reports in question for the “approximately 30 years” to which it refers and has been refusing to pay these expenses for all this time.

In "Foreign Correspondent" former CBS News journalist Steve Patten reports on the years of his work at home and abroad, including:
- Search for POWs and MIAs from the Vietnam War.
- Covering wars around the world....
Continue Reading

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Our book, "Foreign Correspondent," published September 2015, reported there were 1,627 still missing-in-action as of 1 May 2015 from the Vietnam War, according to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA), the lead agency on POWs and MIAs within the U.S. Department of Defense. Some have been accounted for since then and as of 23 March 2016 the DPAA reports there are 1,621 now listed as MIA from the Vietnam War. As we say in our book, the number classified as Vietnam War MIA is remarkable given the U.S. sent 3.4 million Americans to Southeast Asia during this war.

Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee in this year's presidential election.  Before you,   my Conservative friends, decide to register your disappointment by refusing to back Mr. Trump, please read about my and so many Conservatives' blunder what seems a long time ago, the election that retired a good man, President Gerald Ford, back in 1976. 

Feuding Republicans, please take note of the following:

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Below is the link to our interview about "Foreign Correspondent" on LATalk Radio in Los Angeles:
Wolfie and Emil begged but I wouldn't let them in to see the chef who puts them to shame!!!!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2016


Interview by award-winning journalist Tammy Trujillo on her show, Community Cares, on Angels baseball radio station AM 830 KLAA, southern California:

1. Foreign Correspondent

Authors: Patricia L. Mosure and Stephen G. Patten
ISBN: 978-0-9968185-0-6
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Synopsis: When the U.S. sends its young men and women overseas to war, those Americans must know if they are captured, if they are lost, if they falter, if they fall behind, America will come back to get them. The United States of America does not leave its troops behind. This is a story of a CBS News reporter, Steve Patten, striving to maintain that pledge. It covers over 40 years and takes place from when he was a U.S. Marine serving in South Vietnam to the wars he reported on in the Middle East, the Far East, and Central America, including the current war on terror. And it takes place in wars of a different kind as he becomes a target himself. Unjustly accused by CBS News management of being an undercover agent for the Central Intelligence Agency, Patten fights on in his search for POWs and MIAs. Working also to clear his name, he demands CBS disclose its secret sources for its CIA allegation when CBS management told him, "The word on the streets of Beirut is you're dirty." His confrontation with CBS reaches all the way to the president of CBS Inc. and the CBS corporate board. This book is intended to inform you, the reader, of efforts to bring lost Americans home and of the career of a journalist involved in those efforts. Most of all, this book is intended to keep faith with our heroes and our heroines.

2. Learning Iraqi Arabic

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3. How Professionals Inspect and Value the Single-Family Home

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Synopsis: Learn how professionals evaluate the single-family home. This book is ideal for home buyers and sellers in real estate transactions wanting to understand how professionals see and judge their home. It will also help those working in real estate understand the process of evaluating a home as conducted by real estate agents, real estate appraisers, and home inspectors.

4. Speak-Easy

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6.  The Journalist

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