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            Attachment 1:  My $14 Million Bill To CBS News                         page 5
                                       Background on Steve Patten vs CBS
            Attachment 2:  CBS News and My Expense Reports                     page 7
            Attachment 3:  Steve’s Resume                                                       page 8
            Attachment 4:  Edward R. Murrow and Annie Lee Moss            page 10
            Attachment 5:  Most recent letter to CBS News President         page 12                                                     David Rhodes and invoice
            Attachment 6:  CBS News expense reports, 21 January 1987     


Steve Patten is a former reporter for CBS News who reported for CBS in the 1970s and 1980s on television and radio from around the world.  CBS News management then informed Steve it had been told he was secretly a CIA agent using journalism as a cover.  Steve vehemently denied it and demanded to know where CBS got its information.  CBS would never reveal its source(s), eventually fired Steve in 1985, and refused to reimburse him for expenses at his last duty station for CBS in Seoul, South Korea. 

Recover expense monies due.  Steve demanded for years following his firing that CBS pay the monies owed.  In January 2016 Steve wrote CBS News president David Rhodes again demanding payment.  CBS again refused, using the excuse that the demand for expense reimbursement was far too late, that is, in 2016.  CBS has had these expense reports for 30 years and Steve so advised Mr. Rhodes.  CBS has still declined to pay.  Steve’s latest billing to CBS is dated 25 April 2017, and including interest and late fees, is for $18 million plus.

Method for Achieving Objective
Conduct a coordinated public relations effort to convince CBS its reputation it projects as an ethical and responsible news organization will substantially suffer in this age of political correctness by continuing to refuse to meet its financial obligation to one of its former reporters who it had unjustly accused of being a CIA agent and then fired.

Likelihood of Success for this Campaign
At Fox News the need to protect its corporate image in the light of alleged misconduct by its leading journalist, Bill O’Reilly, whose presence on-air brought Fox millions of dollars and first place in the ratings, resulted in the Fox decision to dismiss Mr. O’Reilly.
It is not unreasonable to conclude that CBS, also seeking to protect its corporate image, will decide under the pressure of public scrutiny brought on by this campaign that it is in its own interest to settle with Steve.

Call to Action
If you wish to learn more about this campaign and possibly become involved, please read on to the full campaign plan that starts on the following page.  Contact information for Steve is on the cover page.


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